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Post  "Millionaire" on Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:35 pm

The titantron, all of a sudden chinges and shows "Millionaire" Marshall

Marshall: Last season at the Origin Pay Per View, things didn't go so well as I lost my chance to win the IWF Title and not only that, my Alliance fell apart. As a great man once said, "Back to the drawing board" I have been watching some talent and I have mhy eye on a "Colt Cabana". He is good, I give him that, but he will be greater once he hears the proposition I have for him. I will offer him a check of half a million dollars. That is $250,000 just for the lame brains who can't do simple dollar math of sorts. Now Colt, before we meet, think of the possibilities that will open up to you once you accept this kind offer from IWF Richest Wrestler. So Colt, please, make a wise decision. see you later.
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