"Millionaire" Marshall Arrives

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"Millionaire" Marshall Arrives Empty "Millionaire" Marshall Arrives

Post  "Millionaire" on Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:58 pm

*The camera turns on showing a figure sitting on a nice leather chair in a room with only one light on*

Figure: I will tell something about my self,... I am richer than you , that is it. People want to be like me and they will never be me. If I want something, I buy it for what it is worth. If that thing I want can't be bought, I will take it by force. For people who want to be with me, I will buy you for your services. But their are other things that are important than people. For example, I want to win championships, I would like to buy a title, but the "head" man won't allow it. So I will take or I mean "borrow" that title and who ever has that title or is in my way of getting that title...

*The figure rolls the chair and sits straight up, revealing his face to be none other than "Millionaire" Marshall, below the only light in the room*

Marshall: You will learn to NEVER cross a Millionaire, IF you do,...you WILL pay...the price

*The camera zooms out and then the light burns out*

Marshall: I think I should buy the electric company and don't have to pay for the electric bill.

*Camera turns off*
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