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Post  CharlesHathoway on Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:05 pm

the camera focuses in on Charles Hathoway

Charles: Hello to all my fans. I am here because I have one purpose in this federation and that is to be the best. And, from what you saw at Origin...I am one step closer to my goal. No, I did not come out victorious...but...I did not lose anyway, that pig referee forced the match to stop. But any of my trues fans could see that I was on my way to victory. But, that is the is time for me to climb the next step...and from what i've heard...there is a new title in this fed, and I, Charles Hathoway, plan to take it. Of course, if any superstar on the roster has a problem with this proposition I would be glad to let them try me in the ring, erhaps then they will admit that only I am fit to were gold. Until then my offer still remains...any punk who wants to try and show me up is welcome to meet me in the ring...

Charles: Move!

Charles Hathoway throws the camera man out of his way as he storms out of the locker room ready to fight
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