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Post  Temper Steel on Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:54 pm

As the camera comes to focus, it centres on a counter in a bar, all the lights are out, except for a faint light from the fridge behind the counter. Illuminated by this fridge, we can see the outline of a well built man. The outlined man is searching the wall behind the bar for something. A slight click click click is heard, and all the lights in the pub come on, and there stands Temper Steel looking around at an old, run down, and dusty bar. He turns around to face the camera, a smile on his face. Slapping the counter.

Temper: This will do, me boyo’s, this’ll do nicely.

Speaking to the camera

Temper: Bejayzus lads! I’m only just getting here meself. And you already found me? Well fair play lads. I spose that Temper joining IWF is big news lads. Well Temper Steel has a new home (He raises his arms, and gestures to the bar) But don’t you fear laddie bucks, Temper is here to entertain!

Walking over to one of taps.

Temper: So what’ll it be boyo’s, bottle or draught?
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