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Episode 1 Season 1 Empty Episode 1 Season 1

Post  Psycho Steve on Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:38 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, our first IWF show will be on the 20th of January, 2008.

The card will be as follows;

1 TIGRE BLANKO v Domi The Giant
2 Temper Steel v Millionaire Marshall
3 Kimbo Rice v Krasio
4 AJB v The Nacho Man
5 Hooch v Exulant
6 Winner joins the Hounds of Ulster: Berno v Zodiac
8 Davvvvid + SMK v Johnny Ringo + Hellboy1
9 Goldberg_v Colt Cabana
10 IWF Championship Match: Psycho Steve v Kimbo Rice

The other championships will not be on the line on this night.
If you are not in this card, send in an RP. I would like to see everyone make an effort for our first show.
If you are not appearing on Ring of Ireland, you will get a match on next Friday's IWF: Renegades.
If you need help with RPing, please get in touch either here in the forum or PM me.

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Episode 1 Season 1 Empty Intro to ROI Ep 1 Se 1

Post  Psycho Steve on Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:02 am

Each week I will try to post the Intro to the shows here, to give you an idea of the plot of each show.

Here you go and meet our on-mic talent!

The arena is silent. In thr ring, one man stands with a microphone in his hand.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, I bid you a hearty Irish welcome to the newest brand on the TWG network! This is IWF!!

Huge bolts of green and orange pyro explode and the IWF: Ring of Honour theme kicks in.

The camera zooms in on the man standing in the ring.

??: Ladies and gentlemen, those of you here live in Dublin.......

The crowd pops for the hometown mention!

??: And those of you watching at home, thank you for joining us on the premiere episode of IWF Programming, Ring of Honour!

The crowd explodes in cheers!

??: I am Jerry Delaney, and I am the General manager of IWF. I represent the IWF shareholders and it is my job to bring you the very best wrestling product on the market today.

The crowd chants;


Jerry Delaney: We have spent the last few months scouring the globe, putting together our roster. We have studied hours upon hours of tape and spent literally weeks in negotiation with talent to bring you a roster I for one am exremelly excited about.

The crowd applauds the General manager!

Jerry Delaney: Let me first introduce you to our ring announcer......she is from right here in Dublin....she is a multi award winning performer, and one of the most beautiful people I have ever met.....put your hands together for Jenny Spencer!

The crowd cheers as the lovely jenny enters the ring and accepts the microphone from Jerry Delaney.

Jenny Spencer: Welcome all to Dublin! And it is my privilege to introduce to you our announce team. Introducing first, he is a master of Kempo karate and Koei-Kan karate, and a multi time champion in the world of MMA he is the Iceman.........Chuck liddell!!

The crowd explodes as Chuck's music hits and the Iceman takes his place at the announce table!

Jenny Spencer: And his partner on commentary. He is a legend in professional wrestling.....he is a former 6 time World heavyweight Champion, a former tag team champion and one of the icons in this business. it is my honour to introduce to you, hailing from saratoga, Florida, USA..... the one, the only...........'MACHO MAN' Randy Savage!!!!

The entrance ramp explodes in green, red and pink pyro as the flamboyent Macho Man makes his appearance!

Savage amkes his way to ringside, shaking hands with the fans on the way to the announce desk!

He takes his seat beside Chuck and dons the headset!!

Savage: OOOOOOOOOH, YEAH!!!!! Awright, let the new era of madness begin! YEEEEAH! The Macho Man and the Iceman! The new announce team on IWF!!

Liddell: Great to be working with you, Randy! And looking forward to calling the action here on IWF every Tuesday night at 10 for Ring of Ireland and every Friday night at 10 for IWF: Renegades!

Savage: This is an exciting time to be the Macho Man! YEEEEAH!

The camera cuts back to the ring. General Manager Jerry Delaney stands with a large orange and green drum in front of him.

Jerry: Ladies and Gentlemen, this week on IWF will be our talent showcase! All IWF talent will be available for both shows and next week, live on Ring of Ireland, we will have our first IWF Draft Lottery!!!!

The crowd chants;


Jerry: This week, we will draw random names from the drum here.....these wrestlers will compete in matches on tonights show and on Friday's Renegades! As well as names in the drum, we have special bubbles with different match types and one special bubble that will entitle the two names drawn to compete, right here tonight for the IWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!

The crowd expodes!!!!

Jerry: And to help me draw the first match, the first man we signed to the IWF Roster......he is a former Television champion...and he always runs with his Pack!!

The arena is electrified! Whispers spread like waves across the crowd.

Savage: Runs with the Pack? Chuck, could this be who I think it is?

Liddell: We have heard that phrase before, Macho!

The arena holds it's breath......

Loud barking rings out, then a chorus of howls ring through the arena before the Queens of the Stone Age kick into Burn The Witch"

The crowd explodes as the Hound's of Ulster appear on the entrance ramp!

Savage: Oooooh Yeeeah! Here they are, Iceman, the men that could not be bought!

Huge plumes of red and white smoke erupt from the top of the entrance ramp, the ring corners erupt in red and white pyro

Psycho Steve, makes his way down the ramp first. He slaps the fan's outstretched hands as he approaches the ring. The crowd are going crazy for the Hounds!!

Temper Steel is throwing T-shirts into the crowd. The Assassin walks quitely down the ramp, taking a sign offered by a fan.

Temper and Steve are wearing the new, only available through the Shopzone, Run with the Pack T-shirt. The assassin is dressed in his black robes, around his neck hangs a silver pendant in the shape of the Hounds logo.

Psycho Steve take a microphone from Jenny as The Irish Assassin slides into the ring under the bottom rope and Temper steps over the top rope.

Liddell: Looks like the hounds have something to say, Randy!

The three men climb turnbuckles and salute the crowd, The Assassin holds up the fan's sign which reads 'Howling for the Hounds!!!!'

Savage: How can they look so comfortable when they have The Millionaire's Alliance still gunning for them? we saw on IWF.com today that Marshall and Goldberg_ have signed contracts with IWF!

Liddell: This is Ring Of Ireland, Gerry! You think those three are on their own? Look at the signs in the crowd! The Pack grows every day, hell, I'm thinking of buying a T-Shirt myself!

Psycho Steve lifts the mic.

Psycho Steve: We are the Hounds of Ulster and we say that the people of Dublin are not for sale!!

The crowd erupts!!


Psycho Steve: I can't hear you. I said THE PEOPLE OF DUBLIN ARE NOT FOR SALE!!!!!

The crowd explodes in with the Hound's Cry!


Psycho Steve: James 'Millionaire' Marshall thinks he can buy anything he wants, including the IWF championships we sweat and bleed for every week? I don't think so, sonny.

Steve hands the microphone to Temper Steel.

Temper Steel: Jimmy boy, you and me have had a wee bit of trouble of late, haven't we? Then sure, ya went and shaved youself an ape and didn't ya find your very own trained monkey in thon big fella, Golbrick!

Steve leans over and whispers in Tempers ear.

Temper looks round, a puzzled expression on his face.

Temper Steel: Is that right? Sorry, Goldberg_, is it? Well sure and an ape by any name.....

The crowd roars with laughter.
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