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Post  Psycho Steve on Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:06 pm

A lone figure stands in the centre of a large empty hall.

From the shadows another man walks toward the centre of the hall.

Realtor: So, what do you think?

Psycho Steve: You say this used to be a cinema?

Realtor: That is correct. The Stella was the last of Dublin's independent cinemas up until last year. before that it was a theatre and boxing arena.

Psycho Steve: It's kinda run down.

Realtor: It's a fixer upper opportunity.

Psycho Steve: Is that a hole in the roof?

Realtor: Free skylight.

Suddenly, a stray cat appears at Steve's feet. he rubs himself over Steve's ankles. Steve reaches down and scratches behind her ears.

Psycho Steve: And our feline friend?

The realtor looks nervous.

Realtor: Ummm, pest control?

Psycho Steve: Well, it needs new electrics, new plumbing, new roof.......I'll keep the cat and you got yourself a new owner.

Steve looks around.

Psycho Steve: It's grungy, run down and falling apart at the seams, but it looks like theIWF has got itself a new home, c'mon cat, we got work to do!

Steve walks toward the lobby, Cat close at his heels.

Live from the IWF Arena in the heart of Dublin!
Coming Soon!
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