Def-jam gets interviewed

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Def-jam gets interviewed Empty Def-jam gets interviewed

Post  josano on Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:44 am

Defjam walks peacefully to his lockerroom when sandy stops him.

Sandy: hey there can i ask you a few questions?

Def-Jam: sure, shoot.

Sandy: how do you feel about pulling off your first win last week?

Def-am: It awlays feels good to win on your first show.

Sandy: I see, do you know if your ready to start persuing a title yet?

Def-jam: Well i dont think ill go after a title just yet, i think ill show that i deserve it a little more then ill go after a title.

Sandy: Last question, do you know of anyone you might wanna Tag up with in the furture?

Def-jam: Well when i first got here i had a nice chat with a guy named kayin. he seems like a nice kid and id Tag up with him.

Sandy: Well thats all the time i have , hope to see you again soon!

Def-jam: any time sandy *Def-jam winks at sandy then walks away to his locker room*
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