Breakout and the IWF title

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Breakout and the IWF title Empty Breakout and the IWF title

Post  Savvy on Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:59 am

Savvy is interviewed:
SANDY: "You won your n° 1 contender statut by judge decision, do you really consider as the future of this federation??"
Savvy: "First of all, i'm here since now 2 or 3 week and i've a opportunity to the major title, enough said, in less than an month i prove my qualities, my natural skills on the ring, and i show my incredibly pretty face on the entire crowd! Did you know than a sondage on said than i'm the most sexy wrestler in IWF ?? and maybe you could test my sexitude after the show!!! Are you ready to be the first to spend night with the IWF heivyweight champ!"
Savvy kiss her chin and left


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