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Post  CharlesHathoway on Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:04 pm

Music blares around the stadium as Charles Hathoway makes his way to the ring with a sinister grin

Charles Hathoway: Hello to all my fans and...of all my future fans. As I proved last week I, Charles Hathoway, am a dominater. My win last week not only proved with the upmost certainty that I am the greatest...but also...that it is my time to wear the gold. all of you..."champions"...grasps onto those belts tight and embrace them for as long as you can because I am coming. And of course, if any of you pitiful insects watching from the locker rooms have a problem with this, I urge you to get out here and attempt to prove me wrong...although if I were you I wouldn't bother to waste the time...
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