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Post  Psycho Steve on Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:44 am

Thanks to all the guys who responded to my last message.

If you haven't got in touch yet and you want your contract renewed for next season, please send me a message. I will be renewing most of the contracts from last season, but you guys have got to let me know.

I will be away in New York from the 20th of this month til the 1st of March and will not be online much over that period so please send a message to me here in game and we will get organised that way.

The Hounds of Ulster vs Millionaire's Alliance feud is over as of the Origin PPV so all the titles that were involved in that feud will be open for challenges. Not everyone will be getting title shots, so try and think of some feuds for yourselves if you can guys.

The champions as of the beginning of Season 2 are as follows;

IWF World Champion-Psycho Steve
IWF United Kingdom and Irelans Champion-Mrs T
IWF All-Ireland Champion-The Irish Assassin
IWF Underdogs Champion-Vacant
IWF Tag Team Champions-The Hounds(Temper Steel and Berno the Barbarian)
We will also be introducing the IWF Xtreme championship, our hardcore belt this season. With the money we have made last season we have puchased the Hardcore match for the Federation. This means we can have hardcore matches on the shows, but they are expensive so will be used to settle feuds...not every show. If you want to be in the running for this belt then get to RPing.

Remember guys, those that RP will get the title shots. Send your RPs to me in PMs in game and try and post them on our forum as well, just to show the other guys on the roster what we are up to.

We don't have a start date for next season yet, I'll let you know as soon as I do.

I hope to hear from you guys soon.


Psycho Steve.
Psycho Steve
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