Johnny Cage in the ring area!

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Johnny Cage in the ring area! Empty Johnny Cage in the ring area!

Post  Johnny Cage on Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:47 pm

Johnny Cage:"Hello everybody as you know i'm your favorite superstar of IWF (the fans from the arena scream and enjoy their favorite superstar words)
Johnny Cage:"Thank you everybody for your appreciation! I know that you all love me! Lets be serious who make so many sacrifices for you more that i do to entertain you.................NOBODY! Maybe i'm not your World Heavyweight Champion but i'm your number one show man! I'm not working here for belts who cares about belts when he have so nice fans as you? Are you thinking that i care about one of IWF belts? Well............NO! All i want is to entertain you! That's the reason why i come here every Friday night,that's why i'm risking my body every Friday night i do all this things for you! I know i have your appreciation but does my boss PS he know who is he appreciate me? Well Mr Psycho........yes Steve you know that i'm talking about you do you appreciate me on my real value? If is so prove it and i will continue to help your show shine because lets be honest Steve who works much that i work for your show?...........................YOU'RE RIGHT NOBODY! So please come here and show me some appreciation by giving me a management position in this show and let me show you that i can do more but all depends on you! Think about that Stevie!"
"After that Johnny Cage leaves the arena looking very happy and smiling all he's way out from ring zone to rooster!"
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage
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Johnny Cage in the ring area! Empty Re: Johnny Cage in the ring area!

Post  Savvy on Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:10 am

When Cage leaving, A french song plays on the arena. Savvy come in the entrance!!
Savvy says: "Lady and gentleman, Mr Cage!!!" Savvy clap his hand and the public applause.
" I hope everybody here enjoy the Cage's speech, because it's his last one! Mr. Psycho Steve hire me because of people like you! You are just jealous of the charism of Mr. Steve and jealous of my so sweet face! Maybe you think the boss will stop his work to show you appreciation?? you're the funniest guy in IWF! Mr Steve is a really busy guy! So i'm propose myself to take care about your complain! I challenge you,Cage.It's the opportunity to me to make my impact here for my first match, and it's your chance to have appreciation! Do you accept my challenge??"


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