CSI running for tag team championship belts!

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CSI running for tag team championship belts!

Post  Johnny Cage on Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:22 am

"Johnny Cage,Crisis Cage and Crippler Cage in backstage!"

Johnny Cage:"Well guys we know what we want: we want the tag team belts but for this we need to get a match i don't know with who but i know that if we get that match we must to win so we must to be together as a team to show everybody that we are the best persons to hold those belts with honor!"

Crisis Cage:"Yeah, you're right!"

Johnny Cage:"Crippler,you must to keep training because we will need you to win those belts!"

Crippler Cage:"Ok Johnny,i will do my best!"

"After that the 3 cage's leave the backstage area and they are going straight to Psycho Steve office!"
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage
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