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Post  CharlesHathoway on Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:45 pm

The camera focuses in on Charles Hathoway who is seated on a bench in the locker room

Charles Hathoway: Hello fans of the IWF. I am here with a special message for none other then Richy Dudely

Charles peers straight into the camera with a menacing stare

Charles Harthoway: Last Tuesday was a fluke Richy. If you think you escaped me because some referee decided to cut the match short then your wrong. Now that i got a taste of your blood i plan to tear you to shreds, and not even some punk ass referee can stop me. Last Tuesday you may have had the option to fight me or not but now, like i said...i have got a taste of your blood so there are no more choices for you. You will meet me in that ring tonight to finish what we started. If not I will find you wherever you are and you wont have your referees, vgms or gm's to stop me. So what will you do? Will you come out there tonight and fight me like a man or will you sacrifice any chance of a future in this federation. I am not here to make friends i am here to be the best and getting rid of a puny runt like you will mean one less idiot in my way. So like I said fight me here with your pathetic protection or face me somewhere else with no hope of a saviour. See you in the ring...

The camera falls back as Charles pushes the camera man down and storms out of the locker room
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