A glimpse of Crippler Cage (Before match on Friday)

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A glimpse of Crippler Cage (Before match on Friday) Empty A glimpse of Crippler Cage (Before match on Friday)

Post  Crippler Cage on Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:36 pm

*The camera starts rolling with Sandy standing down the hallway from the General Managers Office*

Sandy:Hello again wrestling fans. I'm coming to you today just down the hallway from the General Managers Office. A young well dressed man entered his office about an hour ago and has yet to come out. I'm beginning to wonder if IWF is in trouble. He looked like a lawyer but that is just speculation.

*The General Managers Office door opens slowly. The well dressed man comes out of the office carrying a briefcase*

Sandy:There he is lets see if we can have a word w/ him....Sir excuse me!

Crippler Cage:Can I help you?

Sandy:It's my job to report on the comings and goings of this federation. I couldn't help but notice you were in the GM's Office for a little over an hour.

Crippler Cage:And like most ladies, you're just curious, right?

*Crippler Cage removes his sunglasses*

Crippler Cage:I'll tell you what that thing in the GM's office was...I was signing with this elite wrestling federation.So let me formerly introduce myself I'm Crippler Cage...Remember the name, because you will be hearing it alot from now on, and like in most wrestling federations I would be considered a jobber right?Well I might be called a jobber, but let me tell you I actually know how to wrestle, and that's just one trait about me besides my good lucks.

Crippler Cage:Now if you will excuse me I have a match...Which I plan to win.

*Crippler Cage puts on his sunglasses then leaves*

Sandy: Well you heard that up next is IWF'S newest member Crippler Cage
Crippler Cage
Crippler Cage

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