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Awkward Introductions Empty Awkward Introductions

Post  kayinzansenin on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:42 pm

The crowd quiets down as IWF's very own Jenny enters the ring and starts to speak.

Jenny: "Ladies and gentlemen, as we are still starting. We would like to take this time to familiarize you with some of our superstars, you will see them compete in the ring by the following weeks. So why not meet one of our newest..."

[Insert youtube video here of Kayin's Entrance Music]

A young man wearing a dark military school uniform walks down the arena and enters the ring. He is obviously excited and nervous at the same time.

Jenny smiles at him and whispers: "Just take it easy, you'll get used to it someday. Just be yourself."

She straightens up and continues: "So would you like to introduce yourself to the IWF fans?"

The young man looks at the crowd gives a sheepish smile: "Hello, My name is Kayin Zansenin and i'll be having my first match next week. I hope you enjoy watching IWF and i promise to do my best whether it be in the ring or out of it."

Kayin bows in respect to the audience and says: "Nice to meet you all."

The crowd claps appreciatively. Kayin stands straight and whispers to Jenny: "So how did i do?"

Jenny pats him in the shoulder and says with a wink: "you'll get better."

PS Jenny's attitude here is a big sister kind of thing helping out an obvious newcomer get used to the business.
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