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Post  Psycho Steve on Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:23 pm

One of the guys got in touch looking for guidelines or advice on Roleplaying.

I figured I may as well put it up in here for everyone to see.

Remember, the wrestlers that were great....the Austins, Rocks, Hogan in his prime, Mr Perfect, Ric WOOOOOOO! Flair and The Macho man were all remembered because the were original (In their day). Try and bring a fresh angle to your character.

What is your character like?

What is his reason for this? Is he just wrestling to make a buck? Is it in his blood? Is he a brawler? Does he hail fromm the dark side? Your RP doesn't neccesarily have to be an interview. Think of the little promo vids they did when Cena was out og action or when Mysterio was about to come back.

Here is an example of a promotional video.

The camera pans up through and over the hills to reveal the city of Belfast, lit up in the night.

A thin pall of mist has crept in over the Lagan and hangs over the town like a shroud.

A man sits on a huge stone, looking over the valley below. The camera pans around to reveal the face of Psycho Steve, his eyes narrowed and his breath visible in the December chill.

Voiceover: Sometimes, in this business, I spend weeks or months away from my home. That's the nature of this business.

A video clip is cut in.

Psycho Steve puts his own hands under Jango's armpits, who is prone on the mat
and locks them behind his back performing a violent Butterfly Lock!!
Psycho Steve keeps his weak submission hold
Jango reaches for a rope and grabs it!!
Psycho Steve releases his grasp
Psycho Steve tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...

Voiceover: I do this for my family....

A video clip is cut in.

Psycho Steve approaches his laying opponent
to hit him with a devastating Vicious Devastating Kneedrop!!
Psycho Steve is about to perform his taunt
Psycho Steve Grabs The Top Rope And Shakes It Up And Down Before Turning To His Opponent And executing A Psycho Shake
Psycho Steve tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...

Voiceover: I do this for my friends....

The scene shifts to another arena.

Psycho Steve dodges the a Axe Kick taking the initiative
Psycho Steve dives into Killer Crop with a powerful clothesline
knocking him down executing a powerful 3 Point Stance Charge!!
Psycho Steve flips his opponent onto his shoulder while backing into the corner
then EXPLODES from the corner driving his opponent into the mat with a single arm Powerbomb executing strong The Final Cut!!
Referee starts counting...

Voiceover: I do this.......becauese this is what i do!

Psycho Steve rises on the turnbuckle
and throws himself on Choirboy while performing a torsion with the body executing a violent Twisting Body Attack!!
Choirboy is lying on the mat!!!
referee starts the count!
Referee: "Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
Referee: "Twooooooooooooooooo!!!"
Referee: "Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
Referee: "Foooooooooooooooour!!!"
Referee: "Fiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
Referee: "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix!!!"
Referee: "Seveeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!"
Referee: "Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!!!"
Referee: "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!"
Referee: "TEEEN! OUT! Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!!!!"

The camera cuts around in front of Psycho Steve.

Psycho Steve: I'll be moving to a new federation this season.

The camera pans out and we see two shadowy figures in the background. one is tall and lean the other, shorter and hooded.

Psycho Steve dives into greatest rko with a clothesline
knocking him down executing a violent 3 Point Stance Charge!!
Psycho Steve grabs his opponent's arm
and twists it with a light Standing Armbar!!
Psycho Steve keeps his weak submission hold
Psycho Steve keeps his weak submission hold
greatest rko can't resist anymore and taps out!!

Psycho Steve: And when this dog roams......

in the distance we hear a chorus of dog's howling.

Psycho Steve: ........He takes his pack with him!

Check out Psycho Steve's new home on Irish Championship Wrestling, every week, Tuesdays at **** and Fridays at****.

IWF......The New Name In Irish Wrestling.

Here is an example of a in-ring promo

The arena holds it's breath......

Loud barking rings out, then a chorus of howls ring through the arena before the Queens of the Stone Age kick into ''3''s & 7''s''

The crowd explodes as the Hound's of Ulster appear on the entrance ramp!

Gerry Adams: Here they are, Ian, the men that could not be bought!

Huge plumes of red and white smoke erupt from the top of the entrance ramp, the ring corners erupt in red and white pyro

Psycho Steve, makes his way down the ramp first. He slaps the fan's outstretched hands as he approaches the ring. The crowd are going crazy for the Hounds!! temper Steel is throwing T-shirts into the crowd. The Assassin walks quitely down the ramp, taking a sign offered by a fan.

The three men are wearing the new, only available through the NICW Shopzone, Run with the Pack T-shirt.

Psycho Steve take a microphone from Mandy as The Irish Assassin slides into the ring under the bottom rope and Temper steps over the top rope.

Ian Paisley: Looks like the hounds have something to say, Gerry!

The three men climb turnbuckles and salute the crowd, The Assassin holds up the fan's sign which reads 'Howling for the Hounds!!!!'

Gerry Adams: How can they look so comfortable when they have The Millionaire's Alliance gunning for them?

Ian Paisley: This is Ulster Under Fire, Gerry! You think those three are on their own? Look at the signs in the crowd! The Pack grows every day, hell, I'm thinking of buying a T-Shirt myself!

Psycho Steve lifts the mic.

Psycho Steve: We are the Hounds of Ulster and we say that the people of Belfast are not for sale!!

The crowd erupts!!


Psycho Steve: I ccan't hear you. I said THE PEOPLE OF BELFAST ARE NOT FOR SALE!!!!!

The crowd explodes in with the Hound's Cry!


Psycho Steve: James 'Millionaire' Marshall thinks he can buy anything he wants, including the NICW championships we sweat and bleed for every week? I don't think so, sonny.

Steve hands the microphone to Temper Steel.

Temper Steel: Jimmy boy, you and me have had a wee bit of trouble of late, haven't we? Then sure, ya went and shaved youself an ape and didn't ya find your very own trained monkey in thon big fella, Golbrick!

Steve leans over and whispers in Tempers ear.

Temper looks round, a puzzled expression on his face.

Temper Steel: Is that right? Sorry, Goldberg_, is it? Well sure and an ape by any name.....

The crowd roars with laughter.

Temper Steel: So tonight, Jimmy boy, how would it be with you if i was ta be bringing my tag team partner, the esteemed Psycho Steve...

Steve takes a bow.

Temper Steel: And together we put the boot to youself and Goldberg_? Whatta ya say?

The crowd explodes in the chant;


Gerry Adams: It seems the crowd have spoken, Ian. Will we see those four men in action tonight?

Ian Paisley: I'd say the fans want it for sure, Gerry, I hope someone is listening backstage!

And this is a backstage interview

Meet Psycho Steve Part 3

The camera pans to Mene Gene.

MG: We are here for the final part of our chat with Steve 'The Psycho' Boyd.

The screen shows the shadowy man on the couch.

SB: Thanks for letting me chat with you and our fans.

We now see the two men, facing each other as they talk.

MG: So we have talked a little about the past, what does the future hold for you, Steve?

SB: I am here to uphold a legacy, Mr. Okerlund. I come from a long line of fighters. I am here to fight. I've spent the last few years travelling and searching for competition. And now, thanks to the guys in the office, my competition is gathered for me. I've beaten the best in the world, and now I must prove myself against the best in the business, the atheletes in the NICW locker room.

MG: An impressive statement, Steve. Any particular targets you got your eye on?

SB: My granfather always said, "Never forget, everyone is someones target".

Psycho Steve laughs and leans foreward to stare at the camera. Long dark hair hangs down beside and across his face. A tattoed arm brushes the hair back to reveal a dark beard and piercing, intense dark eyes.

SB: Me, I say Everyone is a Target.

MG: And there you have it, I think you'll agree Gordon, an extremely articulate and intense young man.

Those are examples of the thrr main RP types that I use. We have a backstage reporter named Sandy. She is a hottie. She looks kinda like Megan Fox. I am stilling deciding on our announce team.

Think about your favourite wrestlers. Who were they? How did they cut a promo. Step into their shoes to see if that helps.

Well. I hope this has been of use to you guys, let me know if you need any help. I will polish up the language on your RPs and send them to you for approval before posting them. You can also post them in the forum. I will be reorganising the forum shortly, but I will be sure to keep any work or posts that are there.

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