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IWF Bulletin Issue 1 Empty IWF Bulletin Issue 1

Post  Psycho Steve on Fri Jan 16, 2009 7:20 pm

Greetings all!

This is the first of what I hope will be a regular weekly update of things going on in IWF programming.

There will be regular updates on the Forum (which I hope you have all registered on by now) but i will try to give an overview of the plans for the coming weeks shows in these (hopefully) regular bulletins.

Before we go into next weeks plans, a little about your new General Manager.

I am Steve Boyd. Born in Belfast, living in Dublin. I have lived in New York, Paris and briefly in Boston. I work in the games industry, so I am online pretty much all the time. My e-mail and MSN is steveboyd@live,ie. I work weird shifts, including a couple of night shifts a week so if I dissapear for a few days, it means I have dissapeared for a few days. Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to a few of the VGMs of IWF. To the VGMs who are not aware of this, you can stay in character or reveal your true face. It's up to you.

If you want to add me too your messenger, go for it. i look forward to getting to know you guys over the coming months and feel free to contact me to discuss the shows, your characters or just generally shoot the breeze.

As to Psycho Steve, he has followed a similar, if more physically punishing route.

Born in Belfast, Steve was the child of a third generation professional wrestler. He is the first 4th Generation wrestler in TWG.

After years travelling with his father, Sam 'The Samaratin' Boyd, Steve began his professional career in Puerto Rico in the late 90's at the age of 16.

returning to Ireland, he went up against Stone Cold Gary Barnes in an independent show. The two men earned each others respect and Barnes invited Psycho Steve to join the roster of NICW. Psycho Steve won the NICW Television Championship in a Laganside Ladder Match. he retained the title for two seasons before losing it to an obsessed Dommerle due to the interference of Goldberg_ and his paymaster, and leader of the Millionaire's Alliance, James "Millionaire" Marshall. Marshall continued to attack Psycho Steve and expanded his ring of employees, recruiting wrestlers at his conveinience.

Forced into a corner, Psycho steve started calling in favours and found allies in his own stable, The Hounds of Ulster. The first recruit was Steve's sometime tag partner and drinking buddy, the big fella from Tipperary, Temper Steele. The Irish assassin had his own issues with the Millionaire's Alliance and agreed that strength in numbers was the wisest battle plan.

The Hounds got a measure of revenge at NICW Seasons Beating's last Christmas Eve. Shortly after that astonishing PPV, Steve was approached by the heads of the TWG Network with the offer of his own federation. Steve accepted and, after lengthy contract negotiations, IWF was born.

IWF: Ring of Ireland, Tuesdays at 22:00 SERVER TIME.
IWF: Renegades, Fridays 22:00 SERVER TIME

That is the sordid tale of Psycho Steve.

Drop me a line, get registered on the forum. get ready to go. Please choose an Entrance video/song. Send my images for your wrestler. Remember, in shows we can not use WWE(c) images, that includes old WCW, WWF, ECW, images. Or TNA. Try and think of colours for your character. Create a Wrestler. If you need help, contact me.

If you want to help, contact me. There are still positions open for VGMs. All VGMs MUST RP!!!! I can't be asking everyone to RP if you guys don't. I will also be appointing a head VGM for each show.

There are a few rules I want to lay down now.Just so we are clear from the start.

Proper Names

I would like to start of by asking people to refer to the shows by their names, and not as 'Major' and 'Minor'. Tuesday night is Ring of Ireland. Friday night is Renegades.


The buck stops with me. If we are to make this federation a success, I believe we must communicate. At the end of the day, I will have the final approval on everything that goes in the show. This is because I am responsible to the guys that gave me this federation to make sure everyting is 'family-friendly'. This means obviously no swearing, no flame wars between talent, no copyright WWE or TNA.


We have a chance to do something really impressive here. I want this fed in Mondial with a promotion every season. I think we can do this. Look at some of the other shows out there, and they are just matches. Look at the big boys in the higher rankings. Production and RP is what got them there.

The Bigger Picture

I had a great time in my previous federation,NICW and learnt a lot about how this game works and made some good friends. I also learned that people can get too caught up in this. In the big picture, this is a game.

It is meant to be fun. If, during your time here it stops being fun and it is something I cam fix, contact me and I wuill try to help. If you have too much work or are sick or have trouble at home, don't worry. i am not going to hound you for RPs. I would appreciate a heads up.

Title Shots

I plan to introduce the titles gradually offer the first season. I will be winning the IWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP on the first Ring of Ireland. Sorry, but i have never been World Champ before and I want it! lol If you do not RP, no matter how big your charcter is in the game......you will not get the belts. Sorry, but that is the way it is. you will get shots at the titles. But you will not win them.


We do not discuss contracts in open chat. Please. At the end of this season I will renegotiate with everyone. This is my first season as a GM. I sent contracts out quick as I was only able to a few days ago.If one of you guys gets your own fed, I will support you in any way I can. I will compare the contract to the work done. If you are bringing in big fans, honestly, your contract may be too little. If you are a lower level guy, i will look at the work you are putting in and compare it to what you are bringing to the fed. You may be getting too much. I will look at all the contracts. When they expire, or are about to expire, we will talk.

My first priorty, over everyone, is to make this federation succesful.


If you are not happy with something in the Fed, contact me. Don't bitch behind my back please. if you have a problem with someone else in the IWF, get in touch and lets try and sort it out.

Well, I think that is enough for this week.



Oh, by the way. Anyone that will be in New York City between the 20th and 25 of Febuary, let me know.....I'll buy you a pint. Or, if you are under 21, I will meet with adult supervision or consent. I don't wanna look like a wierdo. And sorry, ladies...my girlfriend will be there too. lol

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